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Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplement Introduction: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses and Dosage that You Should Know

Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of the good fatty acids which help to convert glucose into energy. Today Alpha Lipoic Acid is widely used as dietary supplement. And here we introduce its Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses and Dosage for you.

What is Alpha Lipoic Acid?

Alpha lipoic acid is one good antioxidant produced by the human body which is helpful for fighting free radicals, waste products that are made when the body transforms food into energy. Alpha lipoic acid is capable of preventing cell damage, eliminating hazardous substances from the body and assisting with growth. So it is a very important nutrients for human body.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Health Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplement

Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplement is helpful for human body. It have various of health benefits and here we introduce some of them for your reference.

Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplement is helpful for diabetes patients. It is reported that that Alpha Lipoic Acid has affects on nearly all the symptoms of diabetes. Alpha Lipoic Acid has very intriguing affects on the causes of diabetes. It also works very well in addressing the problems caused by this disease like nerve related issues, blood flow, fatigue and neurological issues.

Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplement can help you lose weight. aking an ALA supplement increases our body's ability to metabolize food to create energy. Specifically, ALA helps to convert carbohydrates into energy. When more food is converted into energy, it can't collect elsewhere in the body as fat cells.

Antioxidant Effects is the main health benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplement. ALA is different from other antioxidants because it's both water and fat soluble, which means it can be used throughout the entire cell, producing a wider range of health benefits.

Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplement is good for skin also. When applied topically, ALA reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, swelling of the entire face and redness or blotchiness. Over time, skin looks more even by increasing production of nitric oxide, pores appear smaller and lines and wrinkles are less noticeable.

Side effects of Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplement

If you are taking a medication to regulate blood sugar, check with a doctor before taking ALA. Since alpha lipoic acid can lower blood sugar levels, it would not be ideal for those with low blood sugar. Any herbs that have that have the property to lower blood sugar like gotu kola or stinging nettle should not be taken with ALA for the same reason.

What are the uses of Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplement?

Alpha lipoic acid has been used as dietary supplement due to its health benefits above. It has also been used as an antioxidant for the treatment of diabetes and HIV. It also has been used for cancer, liver ailments, and various other conditions.

Suggested Dosage

Oral dosage of alpha-lipoic acid given in numerous clinical studies ranges from 300 to 1,800 mg daily. It also is given intravenously at similar daily dosages.

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