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Acai berry dietary supplement:Introduction, Benefits, Side Effects, Uses and Dosage

Acai berry is now a popular dietary supplement in the US and around the world. We are leading contract manufacturer of dietary supplement, and can do production following client’s requirement. Here we introduce acai berry dietary supplement health benefits, side effects, uses and dosage for you.

What is Acai Berry?

Acai berry is the fruit of the acai tree which is native to Central and South America though the vast majority of acai berry products available on the market are harvested from Brazilian acai berry plants. The Acai berry is the shape of and roughly the same size as a grape and has a very deep purple colouring to it.

Acai berry supplement

Health Benefits of Acai Berry Supplement

Acai Berry can be made in to supplement as powder, capsules and softgels. THE Acai Berry Supplement have various of health benefits, and here we make brief inroduction.

  • Acai Berry Supplement helps to enhance thermogenesis. Regular intake of acai berry supplement gives your body's internal thermostat a solid boost produces all sorts of health benefits, including fat loss, increased energy levels, and a better metabolism
  • Acai berry have anti-aging function. The antioxidants and polyphenols in Acai berries can enhance your body on a cellular level, improving the youthful appearance of your skin and helping your immune system fight disease!
  • Acai berry can help to improve cardiovascular problems. It is reported that acai berry supplement can enhance blood circulation and lead to healthier heart function for human body.
  • Another health benefit of acai berry supplement is for cognitive enhancement. A diet rich in acai berries improves sleep patterns, leading to more energy during the day and sharper mental focus.

Acai Berry Supplement Side Effects

However, if you do not take acai berry supplement correctly, there will be some potential risks also. Here we list the main side effects of acai berry below.

  • Acai berry might cause toxins built up in the body while taking supplement, which might lead to a lot of health problems for human body such as acne appearance on the skin, Candida problems and even fatigue.
  • Stomach Pains is another side effects of acai berry supplement side effects. Acai berry can cause stomach aches if taken more than the appropriate amounts. If you are having stomach pains after eating acai berry, reduce the dose in order to avoid future problems.
  • Acai berry might bring allergic reactions too.This is one of the common side effects that one should be aware of. Keep in mind that too much or Acai berry, acai berry juice and supplements can lead to allergic reaction on the skin surface as well as in the body.
  • Taking acai berry supplement might cause liver problems too. Acai berry has an ingredient which is famously known as Echinacea. This ingridient might cause liver problems for those who take the supplement overdose.

Acai Berry Supplement Uses

Acai berry supplement can be used for improve conditions of many problems. Nowadays it is mainly used for those with arthritis and high cholesterol. It can also be used for the improvement of general health.

Acai Berry Supplement Dosage

What is the proper dosage of acai berry dosage? That depends on the user’s personal condition such as health situations, age etc. There is no suggested dosage in general, so we suggest you to ask advice from your health provider if you want to take acai berry supplement.

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